Habanos Festival is Next week!

It’s that time of the year again, the Habanos Festival 2018 is right around the corner. This year’s edition will be celebrating it’s 20th anniversary! This yearly celebration is a perfect gathering for cigar aficionados and tobacco industry professionals to get up to date with new cigar releases, trends and social events evolving around the Habanos.  It is also the perfect occasion to be in the mecca of cigars and enjoy a good smoke in good company.

Our own Habanos Specialist from La Casa del Habano Montreal, Antonio Marsillo, will be making the trip this year to get in tune with all the new stuff coming in 2018. For those also going to the festival, keep your eyes open to touch base with Antonio and maybe enjoy a good smoke with him at the same time.

The Habanos Festival starts Sunday February 25th and ends on Friday March the 2nd. For more information on the festival and the official program, please refer to the following link:


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New Cigar and Shaving items in our Online Shop!

We have just added a lot of new cigar accessories, shaving creams, soaps and razors and plenty of great items in our online shop. We always try to give the best possible selection for our clients. If you can’t make it to our great La Casa del Habano Montreal cigar shop, take a look at our online shop here!

Our Online Shop

As you may have noticed, we now have a new button to access to our online shop at the top right of this screen. Click here to visit!

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Humidors 101

A big part of enjoying a good cigars starts with the way they are kept. Humidors are essential to any aficionado that wish to keep their cigars in the best condition possible for the years to come. That is why we carry an extensive selection of humidors and all the accessories related so that our clients are able to keep their cigars in pristine condition.  Our friends over at Cuban House of Cigars published a series of posts about all their ins and outs.

Humidor 101 part1: Construction

Humidor 101 part2: Preparation & Maintenance

Humidor 101 part3: Humidity & Temperature

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Geo F. Trumpers Cologne Line

We have just recieved the complete line of frangrance from the famous Geo F. Trumpers of London. You can stop by to have a smell of these classic scents. 

With 18 unique fragrances in the Trumper stable, there is certain to be a scent to match the requirements of even the most discerning of gentleman. From the classic simplicity of our Extract of Limes to the complex notes of our Eucris EDT, the luxurious fragrances are sure to please both the wearer and those who surround him.


The new Vegueros have landed.

The Vegueros are now in-store. Here is a bit of information about the re-launch of this marca:

The three vitolas that reinvigorate this brand start to reach the points of sale around the world

The brand adds a new blend, new band, and innovative packaging have transformed the image of Vegueros.

In Vuelta Abajo it is traditional for the Vegueros -the farmers who cultivate Cuban tobacco- to make their own cigars.  All those who visited Vuelta Abajo, Pinar del Río, would become curious and develop a desire to taste cigars from the best tobacco land in the world.

The Vegueros brand, which was introduced in 1996, is a creation which pays tribute to all the generations of farmers who have cultivated tobacco in Pinar del Río.

Today, the Vegueros brand is produced in the “Francisco Donatién” tobacco factory, a sturdy building in Pinar del Río. First built in 1868, it was finally converted into a tobacco factory in 1961.

After more than 15 years of existence, Habanos s.a. is completely transforming the brand, whose name is so evocative and closely tied to the tobacco’s roots.

The vitolas that originally made up the brand are being replaced by 3 innovative formats that will make this brand an appealing option for those seeking Habanos with these characteristics at an intermediate segment positioning.

As well as its new image and presentation in 16-unit metal tins, the brand is introducing a blend with a medium to full flavour that will provide the smoker with an accessible, renewed, and distinct Habano in this brand so significant because of what it represents.

With a renovated blend, three vitolas have been selected. Tapados (ring gauge 46 x 120 mm), Entretiempos (ring gauge 52 x 110 mm) and Mañanitas (ring gauge 46 x 100 mm. Figurado); all three offer formats that greatly appeal to today’s smoker, while also being accessible to a wide range of smokers.

All of the brand’s vitolas are produced Totalmente a Mano Tripa Larga- Totally hand made, long filler- with a Medium to Full flavour blend.

All the three new Vegueros Sizes Will be reaching the Points of sale around the world in the following weeks


Brand:  Vegueros

Market Name:  Entretiempos

Factory Name: Petit Edmundo

Measures:        52 ring gauge (20,64 mm) x 110 mm long

Presentation:    Tin of 16 units

Pack of 4 units

Brand: Vegueros

Market Name:  Tapados

Factory Name: Mareva Gruesa

Measures:        46 ring gauge (18,26 mm) x 120 mm long

Presentation:    Tin of 16 units

Pack of 4 units


Brand:  Vegueros

Market Name:  Mañanitas

Factory Name: Mañanitas

Measures:        46 ring gauge (18,26 mm) x 100 mm long. Figurado (tapered at one end)

Presentation:    Tin of 16 units

Pack of 4 units


2014 Annual LCDH Montreal Golf Tournament

Hola amigos de La Casa del Habano,

Il nous fait grand plaisir d’annoncer les détails du Tournois de Golf La Casa del Habano Montréal 2014.

Nous vous invitons à nous joindre au Club de Golf Saint-Raphaël le mercredi 27 août,  pour l’évènement Habanos de la saison.  Cette année, nous avons le plaisir d’avoir nos amis de:

: Porsche Prestige

: Havana Club

: Chivas Regal Scotch Whiskey

: Le Pois Penché Brasserie Parisienne

: Ricard

N’attendez pas à la dernière minute car les place sont très limiter.  Date limite pour s’inscrire est le 12 Août.

Si vous avez des question, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter.


 It is with great pleasure that we announce the details of the 2014 La Casa del Habano Montreal Golf Tournament.

We invite you to join us at the Club de Golf Saint-Raphael on Wednesday August 4th,  for the Habanos event of the season.  This year, we have the pleasure of including our friends from:


: Porsche Prestige

: Havana Club

: Chivas Regal Scotch Whiskey

: Le Pois Penché Brasserie Parisienne

: Ricard

Don’t wait until the last minute as places are limited.  Deadline to register is August 12.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.




We will be closed Wednesday April 17th 17:00

We will exceptionally close for a private event on April 17th for the Hellenic Board of the Greater Montreal.

We apologize for any inconveniences.

The La Casa del Habano Montreal Team